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What makes us different?

Judgement Free Zone

Blind dates that aren't blind

A PUBLIC profile consists of any picture and description that best describes who you are, HOWEVER, no selfies... That's right! Only your PRIVATE profile can have images of what you look like.

Beep Boop!

Safe environment for the best experience

We do our best to filter photos that don't belong. PUBLIC profiles should not contain any selfies or images with a face in it. PRIVATE profiles must have only one face because nothing is worse than not knowing which one you are talking to so pictures with multiple faces will not be uploaded!

Custom to you

Express yourself without restrictions

With no questionaires and no forms, you are free to be yourself. Want to share what you do for living? Want to show pictures of your cats? The only requirement is you post an image and description.

No swiping right?!?

Yes, there is no swiping left or right.

We believe love isn't binary so we introduce a 'level of interest' voting scale. No one is ever rejected.

Matching Process


  • 1
    Vote on PUBLIC Profiles

    We do our best to provide the best queue of potential matches. All you have to do is slide the scale and vote. The first level of matching depends on how each person votes.

  • 2
    Start a conversation

    Once matched, they will appear in your GALAXY and you can begin a conversation.

  • 3
    "Let's Meet?"

    So the conversation is going well and you are ready to learn what they look like. Click the "Let's Meet?" button.

  • 4
    View PRIVATE profile

    If both parties want to meet, then they will move into your SOLAR SYSTEM. You are now fully matched and have access to their PRIVATE profile.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I upload a picture of my face in my PUBLIC profile?

No! Any image that reveals what you look like should be posted in PRIVATE profile.

Can I upload a picture of me and my friends in my PRIVATE profile?

No! Nothing is worse than viewing a profile and not knowing who you are talking to. Please, only upload photos of just yourself.

Can I marry someone?

Yes please get married.

Do you have a contract?

No contract, no cost.

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